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ExtraTorrent.cc > Articles > Google Blocked Windows YouTube App

Google Blocked Windows YouTube App

Google Blocked Windows YouTube App

Added: Sunday, August 25th, 2013
Category: Bit Torrent Freedom > The Industries Of Records, Gaming, Software, Movies
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Recently Microsoft had to relaunch its YouTube app for Windows Phone smartphones after Google’s request, but the search giant still blocked it. YouTube app had originally been removed from the Windows Phone store late this spring after Google complained to the software giant about its ability to download videos to the phones and preventing video ads from playing.


The app was relaunched last week, but just in a few days Google had to block it again, because Microsoft failed to make the browser upgrades essential to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience – instead, the company just re-released a YouTube app which violated Google’s Terms of Service. As a result, the app was disabled once again. This statement contradicts Microsoft’s public announcement made after the application was relaunched in August, when the company claimed that it was ready to provide great experience its consumers expect while addressing the concerns Google expressed earlier, including the addition of adverts.

At the time, Microsoft expressed hopes for continuing the collaboration with Google, but these prospects seem less hopeful now. The software giant later published a longer blog post by its vice president and deputy general counsel, David Howard, which explaining why their app was taken down again. They say that the reason was that Google asked Microsoft to switch the app to a new coding language, HTML5, which was quite weird since neither similar iOS app nor its Android fellow are built on HTML5. In result, experts from both companies acknowledged that creating a YouTube app based on HTML5 would be technically difficult and time consuming – perhaps, that’s why iOS and Android apps weren’t using it either.

So, after Microsoft re-published its non-HTML5 YouTube short-term app, Google decided to block it. It is unclear whether the current spat finds its way into a future antitrust complaint, but it is clearly not the first time YouTube appeared a pawn in wider clashes between Microsoft and other tech giants.

YouTube app used to be preloaded in iOS software, but was removed from the latest version of OS, because Google and Apple’s licensing deal wasn’t renewed. Though, Google launched a standalone version of the application through Apple’s App Store. Mobile is very important to YouTube, which accounts for over a quarter of its global watch time, and over 1 billion views per day.

August 25th,2013

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Date:  Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Comments (9) (please add your comment »)

posted by ET loverSuperman (2013-08-26 05:09:45)
Embolism avatarmicrosoft = anti trust

posted by (2013-08-26 18:54:01)
No avatarGoogle = Skynet

posted by (2013-08-27 01:25:47)
ao1jmm avatarI'm so wanting to see the title: Microsoft blocks Google on all Windows PCs.


posted by ET loverSuperman (2013-08-27 14:18:25)
tonymengela avatarI think it is a great thing to be able to block spam. seriously they are all anti-trust but you will still use them, you cant get away from them, sure you can go to linux but how many of you will just stay with linux only? You wont you really cant, not until the commercial world really starts to support it with freelance software. I love Ubuntu and use it at times I even support it financially when I can as I believe in it, but it needs commercial cash and development, it will be the only way to beat these others but in the end it still could only compete but never beat it

posted by (2013-08-27 17:22:30)
No avatarWhy doesn't google just be honest and say they want their ad revenue?

posted by (2013-08-28 08:14:52)
jibbajabba avatarThe ads are a pretty big reason to NOT use Youtube. So flapping annoying.

posted by ET lover (2013-08-29 10:24:22)
eNdEmiOn avatarSilverlight doesn't run on Android so as usual they're at it screwing each other.

posted by (2013-08-30 16:33:50)
onizuka avatar@6
what ads?
use adblock+ lol

posted by (2013-08-31 16:09:00)
htimanpro avatarfirst of all google shows so many ads on the content which public has uploaded and we all know downloading youtube videos is not a big deal on any pc or even android phone..! google suck!

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